Setting Up

In order to allow the site to run smoothly, please use the following guide to setting up your environment in your Internet Explorer browser. This site runs best with Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

Please note the following screenshots are taken with Internet Explorer 7. Your screens may vary slightly, but the technique is the same.

1. Using the menu on your browser, select "Tools", then "Internet Options". When the dialog appears, select the "Security Tab".

2. Highlight the "Trusted Sites" icon in the list of zones at the top, and click on the "Sites" button.

3. Enter "" into the top text box, and ensuring the bottom tickbox is UNTICKED, press the "Add" button. The website should then appear in the large box beneath. Now press the "Close" button.

4. You should now be back on the options window. Ensuring the "Trusted Sites" zone is highlighted, click the button named "Custom Level". When the dialog appears, scroll down until you find the entry labelled "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting". Use your mouse to change this from "Prompt" or "Disable" to "Enable".

5. Press "Ok" on this window and any other warning dialogs that may pop up and then press "Ok" on the internet options dialog window.



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